Your Business Shell Should Grow With You

When your business is just starting out it can grow fast in different ways. If you are used to working for a company some things might catch you out. There are some great books about this, including The E-Myth, but there are also:

Some simple steps you can take to reduce your growing pains

  1. Employ staff as casual before you make them full time (make them full time when you can and should)
  2. Use Upwork
  3. Don’t rush into complex technology that locks you in
  4. Outsource your payroll so it’s a variable cost – then your bookkeeping is super simple with Xero
  5. Link your funding to your sales with someone like Waddle (owned by Xero)
  6. Don’t lock in an office
  7. Charge recurring revenue so that you can confidently commit to costs
  8. Spend your time on selling and supporting clients, not admin


Photo by Rayyu Maldives photographer on Unsplash

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