Do This if You Want to Keep Working From Home

The reason some bosses hate the idea of you working from home is they think you are going to slack off. Being a boss sucks at times because, let’s be honest, some employees can be really difficult. And because someone was a jerk everyone else suffers. People actually do pretend they are working when they […]

Timesheets Are Even More Important Now

One of the best things about working in the city is being able to get out for a run at lunchtime. A great way to split up the day. In some ways working in an an office makes life a bit easier because it puts some boundaries around your time. These days 80% of people […]

Reduce The Number Of Moving Parts

A 4WD enthusiast told me that he wouldn’t trust a fancy new electric ute. What if it broke down in the outback?   I think this is great food for thought – what’s best for your business if things go wrong? Let’s take it apart a bit….. Firstly, the chances of him fixing his late model […]

People Are Your Biggest Possibility

My Octopus Teacher on Netflix blew me away. It is so beautiful, I absolutely recommend it. It’s a lovely view of lessons from the natural world. Particularly how to deal with risk and uncertainty. We domesticated animals have plenty of risk and uncertainty of our own – but almost all of it is self-inflicted. Maybe we […]

A Lifestyle Business Should Not Be Difficult

It seems everyone wants to grow their business at all costs, to be the next Atlassian. But trying to do that can take a huge chunk out of your life. “Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus.”   ― Françoise Sagan   Striving to grow a […]

Old Ideas About Admin Work Are History

Even today people continue to talk about the difference between strategy and housekeeping in business. I catch myself doing it sometimes and grimace. Bankers used to talk about “Flossy” in the branches; “would Flossy understand this?” This next bit might seem a bit boring but please hang in for a few paragraphs (promise).  Banks started […]

How Do I Know When Can I Employ Someone?

Anyone who runs a service business knows the feeling, a constant concern about balancing the amount of work on and knowing when you can employ someone.   If you have all your major processes and margins working properly, it’s this resources balancing act that can take up a lot of your thinking time. Maybe even […]

Living With Constant Disruption……

It wasn’t that long ago that we were discussing the end of jobs for life. How we would need to retrain a few times during our working years. It seemed exciting but a bit daunting at the same time. Unlike flying cars, those predictions were spot on, but of course, it hasn’t stopped there. Most […]

How Much Money Are You Really Making From SaaS Sales?

How do you know if you’re making money from your SaaS sales? It’s easy right? If you sell it for more than it costs you. Anyone that knows anything about SaaS is harrumphing right now. Accounting is based on the overarching requirement to match income to expenses in any particular period. To provide a true […]

Why You Don’t Need Accounts Staff Anymore

If you have to spend money on compliance, try to get some value from it. Bookkeeping and tax definitely fall into that category. We often recommend that businesses up to about 10M turnover use a specialist bookkeeping/tax firm. For a fixed a monthly charge they do the bookkeeping and payroll, pay the bills, do the […]