Have You Outgrown Xero?

Have You Outgrown Xero?

We love Xero. We’re Xero Partners. We have recommended and installed Xero for years.

If you think you have outgrown Xero the chances are the core of Xero is absolutely fine but some of your needs around that central core might be better served by more specialised systems. So don’t be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The core of Xero is strong and robust. Some of the non-core functions are often only suited to smaller companies. A good example of this is payroll. The more people you employ, the more contractors you pay, the more likely you will need a specialised system.

From the very beginning, Xero was designed as the central backbone of your systems with a market of specialised systems on their App Store that easily integrate. They had watched old-fashioned systems grow bloated and complex and decided not to make that mistake. The choices on the App Store might seem complex but it is easier than trying to squash yourself into a “one size fits all” solution, or worse still, someone selling you something that is so flexible that it is basically just source code. Potentially years, and huge costs later, it will probably still not be great. No need to go reinventing the wheel here people.

Often the interfaces between systems, even if they aren’t automatic, are relatively simple. For example, the interface between good payroll systems and Xero is mostly in the background but if not it’s just a simple payment entry for each pay run and a couple of end-of-month journals. The same is often true of time and billing systems. In some ways doing it manually is a great way to introduce quality control steps.

The best thing about applications on the App Store is you can test drive them without causing any damage. Go check it out.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash