You Need Cash – Maslow Levels for Your Business

You Need Cash – Maslow Levels for Your Business

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains why people will risk their safety to eat. First things first. Makes sense.

Maslow is also a great way to think about important aspects of your business.


Level 1 – Can you pay the wages?

If you have ever had to scramble to cover payroll you know how much it sucks. They say that Cash is King but running out of cash is a symptom, not a cause. A simple cash flow forecast is key to moving beyond the horrors of bumping along the bottom. Do it every Monday and learn to predict what is coming: to diagnose causes, and take control.


Level 2 – Gross Profit is the sum of everything you do for clients – every small step counts

Think of gross profit as a measure of power and efficiency. Your business as a machine. You need to be able to check the gauges like a pro. Maybe sometimes tap on them to make sure they are working properly.


Level 3 – Know your income streams

And the gross profit for each of them.


Level 4 – Recurring revenue

Make hay while you sleep in.


Level 5 – Nothing stays the same for long

Always be forecasting.






Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash