Why You Don’t Need Accounts Staff Anymore

Why You Don’t Need Accounts Staff Anymore

If you have to spend money on compliance, try to get some value from it. Bookkeeping and tax definitely fall into that category.

We often recommend that businesses up to about 10M turnover use a specialist bookkeeping/tax firm. For a fixed a monthly charge they do the bookkeeping and payroll, pay the bills, do the BAS and the annual tax. And they do all this for a lot less than it costs to employ someone and have them sitting at a desk in your office. And of course, an employee is not there when they are on leave or unwell. Plus all the trouble of finding training, and keeping the right person.

This is a relatively new thing made possible by cloud software. There are some great firms we have worked with that provide very good service. I’m more than happy to recommend someone for you if you want to contact me.

Sure you need to have someone in your business to do the billing but I see billing as an operational process anyway.

We really enjoy working with businesses that have outsourced accounts. We provide special operational reporting services that use this data and helps you run your business. We also meet with you once a month to go through the results.

The combined cost is far less than you would pay for an in-house accounts person and a once-a-year tax accountant.

Get in touch if you want to talk to me about our onboarding process.