What The Hell Should You Do? You Need A Model

What The Hell Should You Do? You Need A Model

I’ve been talking to lots of business owners in the past week and one thing is crystal clear.

After they have taken steps to make sure all their people are safe and feel supported. Big shout out to Tom @ LW – great response.

The one thing that everyone is trying to work out is what to do. They can see potential problems, as well as potential opportunities to better service their clients and come out of this as a much stronger, and more valuable business.

And to do that they need a financial model. Not some huge spreadsheet, that no one can else can understand, half the size of the economy, a clear sheet that shows:

  • each of your income streams
  • direct fixed and variable costs (especially your staff’s time on each stream)
  • breakeven levels for each
  • customer acquisition costs for each
  • lifetime customer values
  • Sensible allocation of overheads
It should allow you to test scenarios.
I have been doing models for clients for years and my clients are using them right now to discuss with me what to do.
Hit me up on thomas@greenspinach.com.au if you want one too.