What Happens If Your Payroll Person Gets Sick?

What Happens If Your Payroll Person Gets Sick?

Payroll has to be done on time, every time, no matter what.

If you have someone in-house doing payroll, even if that person is you, what happens if they get sick?

We’ve started a payroll service. It’s run by payroll experts, uses reliable cloud based systems, and has redundancy built in to cope with emergencies.

And it works out to be about half the cost of you doing it in-house.

Most people didn’t have disaster recovery plans before this crisis happened, and most people are super busy writing one now (or should be). Try to use this time as an opportunity to rethink your critical processes.

Have a think about adding us to your plan. The best way to do that is in advance of something really bad happening.

We specialise in payroll and invoicing for recruitment companies, from timesheet to margin reports. If that’s you definitely hit me up.

But also call me if you want to make your staff payroll disaster resistant. If we aren’t the best solution for you I probably know someone that is.

If you have a great internal payroll person we might just want to employ them.

Talk soon,