What Can You Sell Online Right Now?

What Can You Sell Online Right Now?

Why the hell have Australian supermarkets stopped most deliveries? Partly because they have never taken it seriously. Like newspapers that lost the rivers of gold classifieds, or banks that resisted online banking, they have reverted to type.

Supermarkets are missing out on a chance to establish a really solid online market position, reduce their costs, and help reduce the spread of this horrible virus. Instead, Amazon is going to savage them.

A few SMEs have contacted me offering deliveries, but not many. Not many at all. This is your chance to grab some business off the big and the slow, food deliveries or otherwise.

What do your clients need from you right now, and for the coming months of probable, at least partial, lockdowns? How will that build longterm patterns of behaviour in your clients?

For example, my clients have all taken a renewed interest in cashflow forecasting, I can help their people do that properly. An hour online tops.

The lovely Natasha Hawker @ Employee Matters, right in the thick of providing HR support, is running online seminars at reasonable prices. It all adds to revenue.

We have set up Middle Office to provide outsourced payroll services. To help people stick to their core business and reduce their costs.

What are you going to do?

A suggestion, for what it’s worth, start by talking to the clients that know you best. The internet is a big ocean, start off close to the wharf.



Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash