Should You Employ A Junior First?

Should You Employ A Junior First?

A question I’m asked all the time is “how do I know when I should employ someone”.

And that’s usually easy enough to estimate, once you’ve done it a few times, but you need to know what sort of position you want to create.


I find though, a lot of people think first about employing someone quite senior that can help them with the more difficult tasks of running a business.


When often, the best thing to do is to look at the smaller scale, repeating and time sapping tasks you are probably pretty good at doing but they could really be done by someone else. Usually its fairly easy to create processes for these tasks and train someone to do them. Once they have that down pat, give them something else. You will still need to keep an eye on things but hopefully you will have more time to do the big things like bringing in new clients.

I first heard about this in the E-Myth years ago but it is still good advice.
Build your blocks from the bottom first. Sure if there is a specialised function that needs a team built by an expert, with skills you don’t have, that’s fine. When you get to 20 M turnover and need a full time CFO or a DOS go for it but, I think, first try to think of the support functions under you and your team.
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