If They Shut The Door Go Through The Window

If They Shut The Door Go Through The Window

Sometimes you are forced to change how you do things. Call it pivot if you will. The thought of it can be exhausting, and we have all felt some of that lately, but once you start moving you do feel better.

I know a lovely lady that counselled workers immediately after workplace accidents, just after people witnessed the most horrible things. She used to tell them to go home and spend time with family because they were in shock, they needed to step back for a while. But she also told them to go to the beach and walk through the water, to feel the resistance of the water against their legs, and most importantly, to feel a sense of progress against that resistance.

If your clients have stopped business as usual you have to as well. You have to take action. Help them feel a sense of progress.

First of all you have to reach out and listen. Find out what their challenges are right now, then offer to be part of the solution. They might be struggling to get workers online, or dealing with surges in customer inquiries, or trying to keep their workers safe.

For example, most businesses have stopped recruiting permanent staff. If you’re a recruiter you better be able to supply contractors (my weekly plug for Middle Office). You have probably wanted to do it for ages anyway. Out the other side of this you will be stronger.

I hope a beach near you is open so you can have a swim, even if not, grab some outdoor time.



Photo by Don Agnello on Unsplash