Get The Jump On Next Year

Get The Jump On Next Year

Everyone is so bloody exhausted by 2020, it makes it very hard to think ahead, but the holiday break is a great time to set your sights for next year and beyond. I try to do a big project every January, write a bunch of blogs, a book once, streamline systems, but most importantly … plan.

January is a perfect time to plan

Dust off your business plan, maybe focus on your sales plan, marketing plan or operational plans. Start with a fresh sheet of paper.

We have probably never been at a point when, so many of us at once, had to start afresh. But our grandparents did it, my goodness did they do it. For our grandparents, all over the world, there were horrifying wars, devastated communities, economic catastrophe, environmental disasters (like the dust bowl) and outbreaks of disease. My grandfather served in WW2, my grandmother survived the Spanish flu. It’s no wonder that after WW2, when the world breathed a sigh of relief that the Nazis had been defeated, people’s attention turned to building  better lives for themselves, their families, their communities. and the world as a whole.

And when the world looked to improve things for everyone so began the greatest period of economic growth in history. Most people were better off, not just a small percentage.

One of the great things about what I do is that I get to talk to a lot of people about their businesses. Most people I talk to are excited about 2021. They lookout across an ocean of opportunity, and risk of course.

Change always brings opportunity and risk; it’s overwhelming for most of us but think about what we might achieve.

Step 1…. grab a clean sheet of paper and think about jumping in – the water looks great.







Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash