How to Get Your Business Under Control When You’re Always Busy

Hands up anyone that thinks they have too much spare time? Do you have a nagging feeling that things might be getting out of control? Let’s stop and think for a minute. Maybe make a list? People make lists because we can’t keep everything in our heads. In 1956 George A. Miller published “The Magical Number […]

Stop The Years Flying By

If you feel that the years are flying by it’s probably because you are fundamentally bored. One of my favorite podcasts had a great post about this – A Counterintuitive Cure for Burnout. Check it out. It got me thinking about what I see inside businesses. We can only hold a few things in our […]

You Earn Margin Even If You Go To The Beach

That’s the lovely thing about recurring revenue and that is why it helps make your business more valuable. Margin is “earnt” by each minute a contractor is on the job, not when you send the client an invoice, that’s just when you batch it up. If your lawyer charges by the hour they earn money […]