How To Do A Cash Flow Forecast

A weekly cash flow forecast is one of the most important tasks you can do in your business. Lots of businesses have failed because of poor cash flow forecasting. Whilst it’s true that most cash flow problems are actually profit problems, a cash shortage has a way of getting your attention – you can’t keep […]

Will There Be a Lot More Doggie Day Cares?

I have always said that once you get to be an outside cat it’s very difficult to go back to being an inside cat. We hear that a lot of people are enjoying working from home. A lot have got lockdown dogs and bicycles. All that time and money saved by not commuting. Money saved […]

Xero Is Great Software: Not A Magic 8 Ball: You Need to Forecast

“No HAL 9000 Series Computer has ever made a mistake..” 2001 A Space Odyssey is a great movie to revisit if you are looking for something to do in lockdown. It got me thinking about how we can fall into the trap of thinking that a particular software package can fix all our corporate woes. […]