Why you should come out of the green closet

A salesman once told me he was amazed that a regional accountant he visited had a picture of John Howard on his desk. Amazed because, in his words, “why the hell would you alienate half of your potential clients? Simple maths”. I have lived by this rule for a long time, keeping politics out of […]

Margins Are Built One Brick at a Time

Sales might ebb and flow but your margins should be built strong one small step at a time. Anyone that has lost weight knows about continuous improvement – calories in, calories out – run despite the cold morning, one meal at a time. Some large organisations try to do this by slashing staff numbers and […]

What is Fat? What is Muscle?

Just like Fat Bear Week do you have some reserves to get you through the next year if things turn down? Maybe like they did in 2008? Probably the best way to think about this is to concentrate on the effective things that good leaders did when things went south in 2008 and start thinking […]

Should You Employ Another Person?

One of the hardest things to decide is when to employ new people, it’s always better to be slightly resource-constrained but you will only really grow if you have the capacity to do so. If your accounts can tell you which income streams are making you money you should be better able to see where […]